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A new look for a new year!
 Please be patient as we make the transition. Happy New Year!

Activities Details

Reoccurring Activities

Activities are based on members interests. You may join any activity that interests you - no limit! 

(Events in alphabetical order)


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Calling all foodies! Let’s get together once a month to share some special lunch time meals prepared by our members and served on china and white linen table cloths.


Join local birding enthusiasts for a walk in one of Tucson’s many parks and get a glimpse of some of the hundreds of species of birds that live in or pass through Tucson regularly.  Your leader will explain why each park attracts particular species, and you  will learn to identify them by sight and sound.


We have several Book Clubs that get together once a month in a member's home with lively discussions on books selected by members of each group. Each club has a chairperson. Book clubs are limited so that they can meet in member’s homes and have good discussions.  If you are interested in joining a book club, you will be placed in one if there is an available spot or added to a waitlist until a spot becomes available. If there are enough interested members, a new club will be formed.  There is no cost.  More information, including who to contact can be found on the Activities Calendar. 


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

You have a choice of Scheduled by Level,  Luncheon, Marathon or Couples Marathon Bridge. Bridge is limited to those who already know how to play. More information, including who to contact if interested in playing, can be found on the Activities Calendar on the website or by contacting the Activity Leader on the Activity Leader tab.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Bunco is a fun, easy to learn dice game that is also a great social event.  All you need to be able to do is roll the dice. There are several ways to join a group. There are groups that play each month together at member’s homes.  A new group of 12 players can be formed whenever there is enough interest. Members also can sign up to meet on the second Thursday of every month from 1:00-4:00 p.m. More information and who to contact can be found on the Activity Calendar. 


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Canasta games are held several times a month for 3 hrs. in the afternoon.  Canasta is limited to those who already know how to play.  More information, including who to contact if interested in playing, can be found on the Activities Calendar on the website. If you would like to learn how to play, please contact the Activities Chair who can schedule classes.


Coffees are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the home of one of our members. These gatherings provide an opportunity for both old and new members to become better acquainted. Coffees are usually 2 hours in length, and the registration number is determined by the coffee hostess. The hostess provides her home, beverages (coffee, juice, and water), and plates, cups, and forks. There are two co-hostesses each month who provide small snacks. The social hour is followed by a group discussion. Coffee Hours provide a great opportunity for new members to learn about The Newcomers Club and upcoming events. There is no cost to attend.


Gather virtually with small groups of members who have committed to deepening their friendships and exploring a variety of topics together in a safe, supportive environment.  New groups start periodically, so check the Activities Calendar!


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Euchre is a night time card game for both singles and couples played in members homes. For people new to the game they may want to check it out on you tube. There should be seasoned players to assist the newbie at each table. Playing cards and score cards are provided.  Each person brings an appetizer to share and event is BYOB with host providing coffee, tea and dessert.


The movie group meets once a month and chooses a movie to discuss.  A person in the group volunteers to lead the discussion, chooses the meeting venue and people can either go to the movie together or on their own. The discussion facilitator does a little research on the movie to come up with questions to enable leading the discussion.  All members of the group are free to ask questions,  and hopefully all will answer questions as well. It is a fun way to enjoy viewing the movie, and then talking about what struck people about the plot, the actors, the direction, the screenplay or anything else about the movie. 


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

The Intermediate golf group is open to all members who have some experience at the game of golf. We also have couples golf once a month. At the end of season, there is a group dinner and awards. More information, including who to contact if interested in playing can be found on the Activities Calendar.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

This is a friendly card game similar to Canasta.  Players meet at a member’s home once a week for 3 hrs. in the afternoon.  New players are always welcome and you can learn it in one session.  (Wine is also regularly served). There is no cost.


Each hike has an interesting destination, view, or something to see along the way. This is a great way to get to know the local parks and trails. Hiking is a very social activity with lots of chatting while on the trail and during snack/rest stops. All of the hikes in Tucson, even the easiest ones, involve some hill climbing, rocks on the trail and often stream crossings.  Many women set a personal goal for their hiking experience and quite a few have later taken family and friends on their favorite hikes.  Each event has details on equipment requirements, carpooling, parking, etc.

Level 1: Hikes go for short distances on the easiest trails in the area, usually 2-5 miles and generally up to about 550' elevation gains and a pace to allow everyone to keep up with the group.  

Level 2: These hikes are a little more difficult as they go 3-5 miles and have higher elevation gains, generally 300-800'.   They are an opportunity to see new terrain and vistas and advance your hiking capabilities if you feel ready for more.  These hikes go at the same pace as Level 1 with as many rest stops as needed.

Level 3:  These more difficult hikes are a minimum of 5 miles with up to 800-1000' elevation gain.  A major difference in level 3 is that the pace is significantly faster - what we call an exercise pace, with few rest stops (about 30 min/mile). 

Level 4: These strenuous hikes are usually 5-9 miles (3-5 hr) hikes with higher elevation gains (1000' or more) which means steeper climbs.  These also tend to have more rocky terrain and narrow paths.  The pace is relatively fast (30 minutes/mile).


Meet in member's homes online and spend time making jewelry.  Share ideas, materials sources, suggestions and the company of others who enjoy being creative.  Become inspired and get help solving project problems.  Meet on the second Friday of the month in the morning.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Once a month our members enjoy a social evening at the home of a member. They are usually held on Friday evenings beginning around 6.  Each attendee brings his or her own beverage and an appetizer or dessert to share. Singles and couples are invited. It is a great event for spouses to get to meet other people and socialize.  There is no cost.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

A Happy Hour is held at a Tucson restaurant, which features afternoon specials on drinks and appetizers.  It is usually held to a limited number of member registrations and they tend to fill up fast.  This is a great, casual way to meet other members in a small group setting.  Cost is based on the venue, ordering off of the menu and separate checks. 


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Participants learn and practice a variety of dance steps.The Line Dancing intermediate class precedes the beginner class on Friday mornings.  No dance or prior experience is required for the beginner class.  The cost of the teacher and dance studio is divided evenly among the participants on a monthly basis.


The second Wednesday of each month, a luncheon is organized at area restaurants or country clubs. The luncheon includes a brief business meeting and is followed by a speaker or program. The menu is determined by the venue and the committee.  Payment is required at the time of registration.  The luncheons are usually 2-3 hours long, depending on the speaker or program. Venues are chosen so that the luncheons have no registration limit.  They are a great way to meet new people and reconnect with friends you may not see at other events.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Mah-jong games are held weekly.  There is a morning group and two afternoon groups.   Morning Mah-jongg is limited to those who already know how to play. Beginners and seasoned players are welcome at afternoon Mah-jongg and occasionally Mah-jongg classes have been offered at other times. More information, including who to contact if interested in playing, can be found on the Activities Calendar on the website.  


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

Join us for snacks and a fun afternoon of Mexican Train, a popular and easy to learn game of Dominoes, Members often bring snacks to share.


*Currently on hold due to government health restrictions

We will have a docent-led tour of a local museum each month, followed by a happy hour to discuss the interesting displays and things we learned.  Museum Tours are generally a two hour tour but some locations will involve longer times.  This is another great activity for spouses to join members. Cost is determined by the venue.


Join us for virtual travelogues of a variety of sites throughout the United States, as well as other countries around the world.  Members share their pictures, recommendations and experiences from their travel.  Get inspired for ideas where to plan your first trip after travel restrictions are eased!

Meet Me

Meet Me’s are everything else! (that is, anything that members want to do that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories). A Meet Me can be a movie, concert, play, lecture, hike or anything else that you would like to do and invite others along for the fun.   Meet Me's can be arranged by any member. There is a form on the website to complete and send to the Activities Coordinator, who will load it onto the calendar and open it up for sign-up.  Meet Me’s are one-time events.  If the activity will continue, it will be added to the calendar as a recurring event. Click here for the simple to complete form and consider the ideas below to get you started:

  •  Bowling
  •  Neighborhood walking
  •  Dog park gatherings
  •  Dinner Out
  •  Quilting
  •  Knitting/Crochet/Needlework Crafts
  •  Mosaics
  •  Attend a sporting event
  •  Tucson Rodeo
  •  Outdoor Concerts
  •  Desert Gardening
  •  Women on their Own
  •  Couples Night Out

Interested in Creating a New Activity?

Interested in an activity not on the schedule?  You can lead as many sessions as you want --  one-time Meet Me's are perfect for many of these groups.  Please contact the Activities Coordinator or President if you are interested in leading one of these groups on a more frequent and consistent schedule or consider sharing the leadership with someone else you know who is interested in the same activity.  Many of our current activities have shared leadership.  

Sample Activity Calendar

Our Leadership

All of our board members and activity leaders are volunteers giving generously of their time.  Reach out if you have any questions.

Board and Activity Leaders

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