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There are several things going on that I wanted to share with you:  The nominating committee has started speaking to members to determine who would like to become active by either taking on an executive board position or any other position that is open.


Also, we have been listening to your comments and concerns regarding some on-going issues and in response, we have formed two committees to address these concerns and offer up some possible solutions at our next board meeting.  We will keep you informed and hope to have more concrete information in March.

Last but not least, the Newcomers' version of the Academy Awards is coming to our next luncheon.  It's not too late to sign up and participate in a festive and fun filled afternoon.  This is definitely one of our favorite programs and this year the luncheon is at a new venue for us. So put on your prettiest dress or sharpest suit and come party on the red carpet. You might even catch a glimpse of some celebrities --just kidding. Come cast a vote for your favorites and compare your results with the actual winners on Oscar night.  


Newcomers Club President

Hiker Chicks Wassons Peak Mar 19

The Hiker Chicks bagged a peak!  Wasson Peak, in the Tucson Mountains was our destination.  It was a beautiful spring day and we covered the 8 miles and 1716' climb in just a couple of hours.  We saw quite a few mine openings, and the beginnings of some wildflowers.  The view across valleys all the way around was stunning.

Hiker Chicks Sutherland Trail Mar 23

Seven hiker chicks met on a beautiful morning, March 23rd at Catalina State Park. We were rewarded with lots of colorful wildflowers, birds, other friendly hikers and a good workout!

Hiker Chicks Blacketts Ridge Sabino Canyon Mar 26

The Hiker Chicks took one of the most famous Level 4 hikes - to the top of Blackett's Ridge in Sabino Canyon.   It was a 1700' climb (135 stories high).  Two of us accomplished this hike for the first time.  Three others were first-time Hiker Chicks.  It was a perfect day.

Hiker Chicks Petroglyphs and Cactus Wren Mar 6

Twelve Hiker Chicks met at Saguaro National Park West to hike to the Signal Hill Petroglyphs and hike the Cactus Wren Loop.

Most southwestern rock art pre-dates modern written history and had its origins hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago, created by the people of this region.  Most of the rock art found in Saguaro National Park was created by the prehistoric Hohokam and is in the form of petroglyphs.  These are created by etching, pecking or scraping designs into the dark patina found on the surface of sandstone and other rocks.  Both representational and abstract designs can be seen in Hohokam petroglyphs.  Representational images are often animals, humans and astrological objects.  Abstract designs take many forms, including spirals and squiggly lines.

We do not know what these petroglyphs mean.  They could have religious or ceremonial significance.  They may be solstice markers, clan symbols, decorative motifs, or simply ancient graffiti. Environmental conditions and visitors take their toll on the rock art.  Fortunately, Saguaro National Park has an active program to monitor the condition of this and other cultural resource sites.

Hiker Chicks Lower Javelina Hike Feb 4

Six hardy hikers completed a 4 mile hike on 3/5/18 at Dove Mtn in Marana. Starting by the Ritz Carlton Resort, our hike lead us through the Tortolita Mtns. Starting on the Wild Burro trail we walked through a wash which  lead to the Lower Javelina Trail. The Lower Javelina Trail is a rugged trail with 360' feet of elevation change which provided a good workout for the group. On the Lower Javelina Trail there were beautiful views to the southwest of the resort and the 2,400 acre Tortolita Preserve. 

Hiker Chicks Douglas Springs to Bridal Fall Feb 2

Bridal Veils Falls was the destination for the Hiker Chicks on Feb 2.  We took the Douglas Springs Trail through Saguaro National Forest (East) and ate lunch in the grotto of the waterfall.  Since it's been so dry, there were only a few drops of water coming through.  We enjoyed the pleasant weather and views across the Tucson Valley to 4 mountain ranges.  Did you know the way to remember them all?      Think CRISTT :

C - Catalina Mountains 

RI - Rincon Mountains 

S - Santa Rita Mountains 

T  - Tucson Mountains 

T - Tortolita Mountains 

Hiker Chicks Phoneline/Sabino Creek Hike Jan 12

It was another lovely day in Tucson for a hike at Sabino Canyon. Led by our leaders, we walked from the Visitors’ Center to the tram road toward Bear Canyon, and caught the Phoneline trailhead. We hiked up the Phoneline trail, past Blackett’s Ridge trailhead. Continuing a short way on the Phoneline trail, we then took the Phoneline cut-off on the left of the trail. This trail has a handful of switchbacks, and is reputed to be a favorite hangout for mountain lions. Rather than head toward the Sabino tram road, we took the trail to the left, which took us past the currently dry Sabino Dam and Creek. We then headed back to the visitors’ center to complete our sweet 4.3 mile hike.

Hiker Chicks on Catalina Loop Jan 8

Things really warmed up today on our hike up the Canyon Loop, at Catalina State Park. Our group of 8 managed to do the hike and take in some beautiful scenery (and take a pic or 10). Thank you to our leader for the great hike!

Hiker Chicks on Linda Vista Loop Nov. 27

Hiker Chicks had a great time traversing the 2.5 mile Linda Vista Loop Trail. Rocky terrain made for an interesting “watch your footing” type of hike. The mild climb and easy pace created a pleasant level 2 hike enjoyed by the group of 14. The popular trail, with awesome views of Oro Valley and the Pusch Ridge rock formations, called for several stops to take in the views! It was a perfect day for the perfect hike!

Hiker Chicks in Sabino Canyon Nov 21

Eight Hiker Chicks enjoyed a leisurely loop hike in  always beautiful Sabino Canyon on the Esperero/Rattlesnake trail on a perfect Southern Arizona Fall day. Our leader pointed out the best places for views and pictures and for a quick snack before walking back to the Visitor's Center.

Hiker Chicks in Honey Bee Canyon Hike Nov 9

Hiker Chicks in Catalina State Park on Oct 23

Eight Hiker Chicks mastered the Catalina Canyon Loop hike.  Beautiful views of the mountains had us stopping to take pictures while enjoying the camaraderie that comes from hiking together. Our leader carefully pointed out the trail markers we needed to be aware of, to stay on the correct course and hike easily to the end. It was a scenic hike enjoyed by all!

Hiker Chicks in Sabino Canyon on Oct 10

 A group of 17 started out, a few doing a shortened version of the 7.6 mile hike and a few taking advantage of the trams. 8 hikers trekked to the top of the trail and 10 made it all the way back down! The scenic views and enthusiastic conversations made for a beautiful and fun hike, what a great day! Thanks to our leaders for your support and helpful hiking and hydration tips!

Hiker Chicks in Madera Canyon, Bogs Springs to Kent Springs on July 31

This intermediate hike went 5.5 miles and gained about 1600' in elevation, taking us to beautiful vistas and cool breezes.  We saw some unusual new creatures on the trail.  Clockwise from top left:  Black Tailed Rattlesnake, some kind of bright yellow fungus, white, green and black fuzzy caterpillar, horned toad.

And of course the Hiker Chicks near a lovely rushing stream with crystal clear pools.

Hiker Chicks on Mt. Lemon Box Camp Trail June 29

The Advanced Beginner started this hike at mile marker. It was a beautiful hike with 74 degrees at the beginning and 84 degrees at the end.  The almost 5 mile round trip hike started off going down 1,000 feet to a great look out with views of Sabino Canyon, Davis-Monthan, Tucson and the Santa Ritas.  We walked through a huge forest of thigh high ferns that were beautiful and peaceful.  

A reminder about the summer heat- one of our party became a little overheated in spite of drinking plenty of fluids the night before and 2 liters of water on that hike.  Thankfully our leader had electrolyte tablets and another had extra water to wet a neckerchief to aid in cooling off.   Be prepared no matter where you walk/hike in the summer!!  

MT Lemmon Hike and Lunch June 9

Twenty-six hiker chicks escaped the 100 degree heat in Tucson and enjoyed the breathtaking views of Mt. Lemmon on their way up to Summer Haven.  The trek included expansive views,  some attributed to previous fires that cleared wide areas.  We enjoyed hiking through beautiful aspens, pines and rock formations.

Our trip ended at the Iron Door where we enjoyed good conversation and tasty food. 

Many thanks to our event leader for organizing the trip and ensuring our safe return!

Museum Tour Mar 15 UA Pharmacy Museum

In March we toured the U of A Pharmacy Museum. What a fascinating afternoon! Our docent, the museum curator, regaled is with fabulous stories about the development of the modern pharmacy from its origins in partly mystical apothecary. The display of artistic hand blown glass bottles to outrageous advertising was really fun. While we were there the local PBS station was filming our docent in action so if you watch PBS you might see and hear some of us too!  This is another treasure and we encourage everyone to visit this museum.

Museum Tour Feb 15 Biosphere 2

We had a private tour of the facility and it was absolutely fascinating!  There are so many scientific achievements and continuing experiments taking place and it was really fun to learn about them!

Meet Me Jan 9 Sabino Canyon Geology Tour

Newcomer members, spouses and guests walked about 2 miles in the lower Sabino Canyon and learned about the area geology and plant life. This walk/talk was planned and put on by the Sabino Volunteer Naturalists  If you want to hear an interesting story, find a member who attended and ask them about 'fox on a rock'!!! One additional tool you might consider adding to your backpack for desert hiking is Nair.  According to the naturalist who led the tour, it can be useful for dissolving cactus needles that at too small to tweeze, if it is applied promptly. If you missed the event, don't despair. There are several upcoming geology events offered to the public in the park each week.  You can find them on the Sabino Canyon Calendar on their website.

Museum Tour Dec 21 Sonoran Desert Museum

We had an amazing visit to the Sonoran Desert Museum in December.  It was chilly but our docent was so knowledgeable, we hardly noticed.  We learned about all the different types of plants in the different areas of our desert and saw some regal and amazing animals.  We got to put jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil ( but really it's a wax) on our hands and learned it takes four male jojoba plants to fertilize one female jojoba.  We totally enjoyed the raptor free flight show and had to duck a couple of times as Harris Hawks came within inches of our heads!

Luncheon Tanque Verde Ranch Dec 13

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch at Tanque Verde Ranch and a very interesting speaker, H Allen Day.  He recounted many great memories of growing up on the 200,000 acre Flying J Ranch and the time he spent taming a herd of Mustangs in South Dakota.  Additionally many Newcomers dressed in western wear to enhance the western theme of dining at Tanque Verde Ranch.  After lunch, several members took time to pet the horses in the corral. 

Luncheon Silent Auction  Nov 8

Through amazing teamwork, the auction committee pulled together over 100 items to tempt club members.  Our generous members purchased items

generating over $4600 for the local charity that we support.  Everyone had a great time supporting a great cause.

MEET ME - Gaslight Theater, Phantom of the Opera on Oct 29 

A group went to the Gaslight Theater for their super-fun version of Phantom of the Opera.  We all laughed so hard we almost cried.   Even the cast was having so much fun they had trouble keeping a straight face on stage.  It was so great!

Dine-Out at Pastiche Sept 29th

Museum Tour -- Jewish History Museum Oct 18

Newcomer Cloggers Perform at Tucson Meet Yourself Festival

Mormon Temple Tours

After the Mormon Temple was built on Ina Road, it was open for a short period of time for public tours. Two of our members arranged for 3 tours for Newcomers.  The inside of the temple was meticulously detailed with stunning chandeliers, marble, cherry wood, a baptismal hot tub, marriage room, contemplation room and much more.  At the conclusion of the tour, some gathered at the nearby Garden Bistro restaurant at Tohono Chul where we enjoyed a delicious lunch while making new friends.

The Bookhounds Book Club is meeting throughout the summer.  We always enjoy lunch out somewhere before meeting in a members home to discuss the book.  This month the club read Savage Harvest by Carl Hoffman, a story about Michael Rockefeller and his quest for primitive art among the cannibal natives in Indonesia.

Jewelry Making Class

Making bracelets 


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