Parties and Get-Togethers

Interested in getting to know your new Tucson area neighbors while attending lively social events? The Newcomers Club of Tucson has many social activity committees that host parties and get-togethers every month. From cocktails to cooking, homes to restaurants, there is always a fun social event just around the corner.

Coffee Time

Coffees are held in the home of a member.  This small group format is an easy way to meet new people like you.

Dine Out

Enjoy some of Tucson’s best restaurants.  Both singles and couples attend so it is a great opportunity for spouses to get to know each other. 

Jolly Hour

Get to know the homes of your fellow members while enjoying delicious food and drinks.  Spouses included.


Socialize at the best area restaurants and country clubs. The luncheon includes club news updates followed by a local speaker. 

Wine Tasting

For those who love wine or want to learn about it, try out different wines, join a wine tasting group.  We have couples and women groups.

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