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Who We Are

The Newcomers Club of Tucson has been welcoming new arrivals to Tucson and the surrounding area since 1968.  Club membership currently is over 400 vibrant ladies. The Club’s goal is to promote friendships through a variety of social settings, events, excursions, and get-togethers.  There are also opportunities to learn about the history of Tucson and the surrounding area.  Members enjoy attending local current cultural events or attractions, or they may opt to simply enjoy the camaraderie of new friends amidst one of the Club’s many groups.  Visit Activities for more information and descriptions of current interest groups.  These activity groups are varied to support many interests, and as a member of Newcomers, anyone can easily form a new group.

A monthly highlight is the Club’s Monthly Meeting and Luncheon.  It occurs September through May at an area country club or restaurant and feature programs of fun and interest.

While most members are truly new-to-Tucson, like other newcomer clubs, The Newcomers Club of Tucson has expanded its outreach to welcome those not-so-new residents who are looking to expand their social circles. 

Historically and primarily, the Club is a ladies social organization.*  Spouses or partners are welcome as guests at any of the couples-oriented activities, e.g., Dine-Out, Jolly Hour, etc., and many general interest activities, e.g., Museum Tours’ to Pima Air and Space Museum, Biosphere, Titan Missile Museum, etc.

Care for Members

The Newcomers Club of Tucson promotes a Newcomers Care program to support members in times of need.  Club members are ready and willing to assist in a variety of ways--driving, visiting, or preparing a meal. 

Care for Community

Our Community Outreach Team manages an extensive Charity Directory of non profits in the greater Tucson metropolitan area on our website. The Directory provides an overview of organizations where you may want to volunteer, donate, or access their services. Using the Directory as a reference, Newcomers organizes interactive activities and projects for members throughout the year. A perfect way to encourage members to connect while helping communities in need.

Website and Facebook

Our website features membership pages with a member directory, an interactive activities calendar that facilitates real-time event news and registration, and a place to find others with interests like yours. Our member only/private Facebook page is a platform where members can connect with fellow members in a variety of ways. Discussions on Books, Movies & TV Series, Activities in Tucson, Food & Drinks and Arts & Crafts are just a few of the popular features. Meet-ups are also made and encouraged on our member only site. 

Join the Club and enjoy the fun! Meet new people and explore the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  You will be glad you did! 

*There is, however, no gender restriction for individual Club membership.


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